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Hailey Kent Benefit Fund


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The Kents have decided to add a new little one to their family. This is very exciting news, but has also been a difficult decision for them, as they face the fact that without this new little baby, Hailey may not survive. They are a wonderful family with a lot of love to give and any child born into that family would be incredibly blessed. Hailey's doctors have told Rick and Maria that she has a very high risk of relapsing and her leukemia returning. If it does, she will need a bone marrow or stem cell transplant right away to survive. It takes a lot of time to find a perfect marrow match (all too often people die never finding their match). All those that love Hailey and the Kents do not want her to become one of those statistics. Therefore, her doctors, medical personal, and families who have gone through similar circumstances have suggested that the Kents try to have another child in case Hailey relapses. The doctors can run genetic tests to make sure that this new little sibling would be a perfect match for Hailey. Hailey's last stem cell transplant was not a complete match, but because she was so sick at the time they had to go with the closest match they could find. As a result, her Graft Versus Host Disease has been very severe. This is why, that if Hailey were to relapse, it would be so imperative to have a perfect match. However, the costs of the tests and using a fertility clinic are very costly.
Two very generous woman, Dana and Jamie, had heard about Hailey's story and know that her best chance at life would be a perfect marrow match. So, they have offered to start the Hailey Kent Benefit Fund to help the Kents pay for the medical costs of having another baby.
If you would like to donate Dana and Jamie have set up a pay pal account and a bank account for this fund.
You can donate online at Paypal:
*The email address they are using for the account is:
If you would prefer to write a check or money order:
Please make it  payable to Maria Kent at
Wells Fargo Bank
2740 Cochran St
Simi Valley, CA 93065
In the memo line put "Hailey Kent Benefit Fund".